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First formal review of Covid19 measures in schools in Carlow, Kilkenny & rest of country underway since restrictions eased for wider society

Public health advisors and Education Department officials are meeting

Talks are taking place today to consider what Covid19 measures should stay in place in schools.

Public health advisors are meeting with Department of Education officials in what’s the first formal review of the situation in educational facilities since restrictions in wider society ease.

The continued use of facemasks in such settings is understood to be the focus of today’s discussion.

National Parents Council CEO Aine Lynch says many parents want to see the rules around masks relaxed; “Generally they’re concerned about their children’s social and emotional development and the children don’t want to wear them so every day sometimes it can be a struggle getting them to put them on and then I think on the other side of it they’re saying the children aren’t wearing them properly, they’re often pulling them down to talk to each other”.