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First phase of housing in new Western Environs area of Kilkenny goes to market this morning

There's planning permission for 280 homes with others currently going through the system

The first phase of housing in Kilkenny’s new Western Environs is opening for registration today.

280 houses have planning permission and 850 are going through the planning processes.

You can register for one of the first houses from 10.30 this morning on breagaghvalley.com

Kilkenny Council CEO, Colette Byrne, says the plan is for 3,000 homes to be built there in the next 10-15 years telling KCLR “The neighbourhood is designed to accommodate about 3,000 units, there’s not planning permission in place we have a number of developers who have planning permissions in place now so they’re starting to consider their options, get on-site etc”.