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Fitness on KCLR Breakfast (Thursday, 25th February 2021)

Ger O'Toole joins John Walsh every second Thursday after 9am to talk fitness

You don’t have to be aiming to run a marathon to stay in shape.

We all want our bodies to be at their best and it’s often hard to know how to make that happen.

Ger O’Toole’s an instructor at the Ormonde Leisure Club at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel and he joins our John Walsh every second Thursday on KCLR Breakfast to talk all things fitness.

This time around they tackled misinformation with regards to exercise while listeners were quick with the queries asking about simple, solid routine suggestions, looking for ways to tighten stomach muscles, how to increase muscle mass while bulking up weight and what to do when you’re working out with a Baker’s Cyst behind the knee.

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