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Fitness on KCLR Breakfast (Thursday, 28 January 2021)

Ger O'Toole joins John Walsh every second Thursday after 9am to talk fitness

Fitness, like most everything else at the moment, is very different in 2021. 

Many have seen their gym routines stop-start as we move through Covid restriction levels, some have signed up for online classes, others opting to do what they can within their 5km stretch.

It’s not been easy either on those working in the industry but, like others, they too are putting shoulder to the wheel and doing what they can.

One such warrior is Ger O’Toole, a fitness instructor at the Ormonde Leisure Club in Kilkenny and every second Thursday he chats with our John Walsh on KCLR Breakfast, offering advice and answering listener queries.

This week: is it a good idea to work out with family or friends or does it create a distraction? How important is nutrition and is there a simple good eating plan that I can put together?  Are there three simple exercises a person could do each day?

Answers and more can be heard here:

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