Folk / Roots

Folk/Roots – Studio 2 Session – Fernando Viciconte (10/2/2017)

Fernando Viciconte has appeared in Kilkenny on a number of occasions, most notably at the 2016 Kilkenny Roots Festival where he charmed audiences with his songs and easy stage presence. Don’t be fooled by what seems like a laid back style; this is a serious and committed songwriter who crafts his songs and has a long list of albums over his career, starting in Southern California before his fateful move to Portland, Oregon, the now legendary melting pot of music. It was this move that saw him rethink and re-assess and we’re the better of it. His most album “Leave the Radio On” shows this songsmith at his best and it was an honour to meet Fernando and his wife Kris as they finished their trip around Ireland as tourist ahead of his tour with Mark Eitzel. Due to a slight delay we got to hang out in the lobby of KCLR where we chatted about his life and his impressions of Ireland.

Once inside Studio 2 he got to the heart of why people love his music. Subtlety is the keyword here in this session, with three songs from his back catalogue “Devils In The Sky”, “Kingdom Come” and “True Instigator” which show his songwriting chops. We hope to see him back in Kilkenny soon. Enjoy…

Your ca get more information details on Fernando and his full catalogue here