Folk / Roots

Folk/Roots – Studio 2 Session – Seán (AKA Dr.) Millar (7/4/2017)

Dr. Millar arrived on the Irish music scene with a great band in tow called The Cute Hoors. They have made music together over the years but it’s as as solo performer and songwriter that people have recognised Seán Millar as a unique voice in the Irish music scene. Quite simply he weaves truths like no other, melding the personal and other stories to provide an artistic soundtrack for us all to enjoy. He delves deep, sometime his subjects and situations are dark but his is a sympathetic ear for life’s tales and his humanity shines through all his songs.

He’s returning to Kilkenny to play the first in a series of Songwriter Nights at The Hole In The Wall and he has a new EP about to release.

In this Studio 2 Session we hear three of his songs, one brand new, so it’s getting it’s first play here.

There’s more to Seán than his own solo work. He’s an accomplished theatre practitioner and someone who channels music to heal and calm in a variety of settings.

As always our conversations started in the car, carried on in the kitchen and in and out of Studio 2. Here in this session we have a glimpse of his artistic truths.

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