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“Foolish” publicans are harming the livelihoods of others, say Vintners

26 pubs were found to be in breach of Covid regulations

A group representing pub owners says the “foolish” actions of some vintners is affecting the livelihoods of others.

26 pubs may be brought to court for breaching Covid regulations, after Gardaí carried out nearly 7,000 checks last weekend.

They found customers in some pubs drinking, but no evidence of food being bought, and premises allowing large groups at one table, with no social distancing, signage, or contact tracing recorded.

The penalty is a maximum fine of 2,500 euro and/ or up to six months in prison.

The Vintners Federation of Ireland’s Chief Executive Padraig Cribben wants the pubs concerned to be brought to justice:

“26 pubs is 26 too many. We have called all along for guidelines to be implemented properly” Cribben says. “All this week we have been saying that the Gardaí should ensure that those that are in breach are brought to justice. We welcome the fact that Gardaí have been active in these cases”.