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Four people sentenced for murder of Kilkenny woman Patricia O’Connor

They received sentences varying from eighteen months to three years in prison.

Four people who tried to cover-up the murder of Windgap woman Patricia O’Connor have been handed sentences varying from eighteen months to three years in prison.

Three of them are her immediate family members, including her 76-year-old husband Gus, her daughter Louise, who was the killer’s partner, and her granddaughter Stephanie.

On Monday, Kieran Greene was jailed for life for beating Patricia O’Connor to death in the home they shared at Mountain View Park in Rathfarnham in May 2017.

He later dismembered her and scattered her remains across the Wicklow mountains.

Her husband Gus admitted reporting her as a missing person at a time when he knew she was dead. Mr Justice Paul McDermott jailed him for 18 months after telling him he had behaved disgracefully and denied her the dignity and respect she was due.

Their daughter Louise and granddaughter Stephanie were found to have engaged in a ruse which involved Stephanie dressing up as her grandmother to make it look like she was still alive.

Louise was jailed for two and a half years, while Stephanie got one and a half years.

Keith Johnston, Louise’s ex and father to Stephanie, was jailed for three years for helping Greene to purchase tools such as hacksaws and axes used to dismember Patricia. The judge described him as a “willing part of a very cruel deception.”