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From today Irish outlets must change how they present & advertise alcohol

The rules are part of the Public Health Alcohol Act

The way alcohol is presented and advertised in shops is changing from today.

Supermarkets must separate areas with drinks using a physical barrier, while convenience stores will have to limit visibility of alcohol.

They’re part of the Public Health Alcohol Act and come after a two year transition period aimed at giving retailers time to comply.

Eunan McKinney from Alcohol Action Ireland says new restrictions are welcome saying “It really tries to address this normalisation of alcohol that has persisted throughout the retail landscape and by bringing these measures in and restricting the availability of alcohol we are beginning to make a step towards denormalising that relationship with alcohol and also the idea that it makes sure that children are less exposed to alcohol products and advertising in their daily lives”.

He adds that off-licenses and airports are exempt from the rules noting “There has been a recognition that there are places where some of these controls aren’t as necessary as others but again the real point about this is that it now moves the sale of alcohol and the availability of alcohol onto what will be a statutory basis and no longer will we see a self-regulatory approach”.