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Frost and freezing fog across Carlow and Kilkenny with weather alert in place until midday

Drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads this morning with frost and a heavy freezing fog to contend with.

A status yellow weather alert from Met Eireann is in place now until midday with a risk of black ice and wintry showers too.

Status Yellow Weather Warning from Met Eireann (Image: screengrab www.met.ie)

The councils have been treating priority routes across the two counties.

All national and most regional roads in the two counties are regularly treated in this weather.

But Kilkenny County Council Director of Services Tim Butler says that doesn’t mean you can be complacent:

“They will be salted as much possible or as much as required but we would ask people to take care on those roads because you never know after a shower of hail or anything like that you can come across an icy patch. So we would ask people to adjust their driving speeds to take account for those conditions”