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Funding boost for one North Kilkenny theatre group

€8,500's been granted to Kilquan Players

One local theatre group’s received significant funding to boost future productions.

Kilquan Players in North Kilkenny have been granted €8,500 from LEADER.

The money will be used to improve the sound system in Coon Hall, where they rehearse and stage their popular plays.

Local Cllr Pat Fitzpatrick says the group are extremely worthy of the funding, as they’ve made huge contributions to their community saying “I want to congratulate them and congratulate all the efforts that they make on behalf of the community because in all their productions they’ve always donated an awful lot to charities throughout North Kilkenny, so again Kilquan Players and I want to acknowledge the contribution of LEADER to this funding as well”.

He adds “Everyone looks forward every year you know they’d be always questions to know what play are they running this year and you’d hear about what they were practising and the practising going on for months in Coon Hall and then the great time would arrive and we’d know the play that would be on and look there were some wonderful, it was always a packed house in Coon for that particular production they’d have been producing and presenting”.

And Cllr Fitzpatrick says “It’s an absolutely brilliant drama group who’re going for a long, long number of years and always people look forward to their productions, they have so many community involvement, everyone in the community of Coon gets in and works with them and the parish right across North Kilkenny, all the different parishes, come to support and people are always asking be it from Ballyragget or Mooneenroe ‘what are they producing?’, what’s the production this year?’, ‘what’s happening?”.