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Gardaí warn they’ll be out in force across Carlow and Kilkenny as the festive season approaches

Increased patrols and extra feet on the streets are expected in both counties

Kilkenny and Carlow Gardaí say they’ll be out in force over the next few weeks as the festive season approaches.

There’ll be increased patrols and more gardaí on the streets in the main towns across the two counties.

Sgt Peter McConnon is appealing for people to be responsible when they’re out warning against drug-taking, telling KCLR “That drug can be in your system for, you know, three to seven days when you’re stopped at a checkpoint and it’ll show up a positive so people need to be aware of that going out over the Christmas that these checkpoints they’re intoxicating, intoxicant checkpoints, not just intoxicating liquor or drink so it’s drink and drugs checkpoints”.