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Gardaí will be out in force across Kilkenny & Carlow in a bid to get drivers to slow down

The 24 hour operation will run from 7am on Thursday to 7am on Friday

“Speed kills and is one of the biggest factors of road collisions”.

So says a leading local Garda Inspector as the force runs Operation Slow Down across the country today.

Units will be out in force across Carlow and Kilkenny in a bid to curb the behaviour.

It comes as the number of tickets issued in the Division for speed rose by 84% in the first half of this year, with 2 thousand 849 distributed to local motorists before July 31st compared to 1 thousand 550 in the time time period last year.

Divisional Inspector Paul Donohoe has been telling KCLR News what motorists exceeding limits might expect:

“You’re running the risk of 3 penalty points and a fine if you’re caught speeding”

He says you will see a lot of Gardaí on the roads throughout the country:

“Kilkenny and Carlow will be no different. We will be at the forefront”.

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