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The Farm Show

Glanbia Farm Show – 19/10/2017

First tonight: with the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia and the imminent arrival of Storm Brian, we spoke with Arthur Byrne, Safety Manager with ESB Networks. The news was good as progress to restore power has been better than expected (and due to the hard work of their dedicated teams) but he again spoke about the need for vigilance and advised anyone seeing anything related to electricity to ring the ESB Networks incident number at 1850 372 999.

Joining us to discuss issues around forestry were Ger Woodcock, Forestry Chairman of IFA in Kilkenny and Michael Somers, Forestry Adviser with Teagasc. IFA are running a meeting on Monday, October 23rd at the Newpark Hotel, Kilkenny. Michael Somers will speak about  about some of the issues arising from recent storm damage and the pressing local issue of ash die back. Topics discussed on the show were around electrical safety, shortfalls in planting targets and the need to remove trees from near high voltage power lines.

We heard about an upcoming energy conference. David Jacobmeyer spoke to us about the event coming up on October 25th in Cillin Hill. We also heard from Michelle Walshe of Ribworld, a new food venture based in Callan, Co. Kilkenny.

Oliver Holohan of Millard Solicitors joined us for the weekly legal feature; tonight the issues were around the enduring power of attorney. He also spoke about the complex area of land use for wind and solar energy.

We had our usual Farm Diary (sponsored by Tullow Mart) and George Candler gave the usual Kilkenny weekly mart report (sponsored by Alan Millard Solicitors)

KCLR Wedding Showcase