The Farm Show

Glanbia Farm Show – 5/1/2017

Tonight’s Farm Show, the first of 2017, offered an opportunity to look both back and forward. Our first contributor was Gerry Boyle, Director of Teagasc, the national farming research organisation. Their Annual Report for 2015 was recently published and among other topics discussed were the impact of public sector recruitment on the work of the agency, an ambitious target to raise grass utilization to 10 tonnes hectare on average and the growing use of information technology and so-called ‘big data’ in modern farming practice

We heard an interview with Luke Mullins, a member of Mullins horse racing fame, who shared some of his memories as manager of Galway Racecourse and some insights in to his illustrious family. We broadcast some of the interview on the show but the full interview is below.

We also heard from Mark Trimble of Teagasc on the challenges facing livestock farmers coming to the calving season and we heard as always from George Candler of Kilkenny Livestock Mart with the weekly report and some comment on general trends.