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Good showing for Kilkenny & Carlow in latest Litter League survey

Kilkenny has slipped further down the rankings in the latest litter league survey but is still Cleaner than European norms.

The Irish Business against Litter league table puts Kilkenny now in 15th spot with top grades for the approach roads and the Train station in particular but a derelict site at Irishtown and a commercial premises on the Dublin road were mentioned for being less well presented.

Carlow is in 18th place this survey and deemed Clean to European norms.

In fact Carlows Town park which has been the subject of some discussion in recent months was one of the top ranking sites in the town along with Carlow Shopping Centre, Rochfort Manor and all approach roads to the town.

The Recycle facility was pinpointed as one of 3 moderately littered sites with evidence of dumping to the rear of some of the units.