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Greenway through South Kilkenny will bring ‘huge boost’ to the South East region

Its opening date now looks to be early 2023

Work’s set to resume on the construction of the South East Greenway through South Kilkenny.

It had been halted due to Covid restrictions, but the recent easing of some of that should lead to a little progress in the coming days.

The opening date for the amenity was expected to be Spring of next year, but it looks like that’s been pushed back and now may not happen until early 2023.

Cllr Eamon Aylward says “It’s going to be a huge boost to not just to Kilkenny but the whole South East, it’s going to link in with the Waterford Greenway which proves to be very, very successful; so you’ll be able to walk basically from New Ross to Dungarvan in County Waterford off-road”.

He adds “It’ll be a huge boost for tourism in the area for activity, I suppose it gives people a safe place to walk and cycle off-road, but it’ll be a very welcome addition particularly to people of South Kilkenny but as I said the entire South East region”.

Updates on the project can be followed here