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Half a million euro to be spent upgrading 19 paths across municipal district of Tullow, Co Carlow

They're in Tullow, Rathvilly, Hacketstown, Carrigduff, Ballon, Myshall, Rathoe and Tinryland

Half a million euro is to be spent on footpaths in the wider Tullow area.

The municipal district meeting heard how the spend’s to be made over the next two years across 19 footpaths.

Cllr Brian O’Donoghue outlines which spot’s are set to benefit; “So there’s seven footpaths in Tullow, two in Rathvilly, two in Hacketstown, two in Carrigduff, two in Myshall, one in Ballon, two in Rathoe and one in Tinryland, in total over half a million euro worth of works is going to be done, much-needed work, and it’s going to be spread over the next two years, so a lot of towns and villages in the municipal will see work happening this year”.

It’s at a time when more people have been taking to the outdoors and the need for good pathways has never been more needed.

Cllr O’Donoghue says the works will compliment Active Travel; “Obviously with the Active Travel plan there’s going to be several new routes to be able to get people to leave their cars behind and get to their place of work or play more safely and be able to leave the car behind these works are more so based around repairs to existing footpaths and making the paths and the routes that we already have, bring them up to standard really, a lot of them are footpaths that may not have had any work done for a long time and now we’re going to spend half a million euro in almost every town and village in the municipal upgrading and bringing the footpaths to the standard that the people deserve”.

He adds it’s thanks to monies generated by development levies that these upgrades can take place; “They’ll be funded directly by the local authority through development levies, there’s a question that we would often get asked you know when people pay development levies where does the money get spent in the future and here’s an example of where those funds can get spent you’ve got Tullow, Rathvilly, Hacketstown, Carrigduff, Myshall, Ballon, Rathoe and Tinryland all going to benefit from upgraded footpaths in all those villages so it’s very positive news”.