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Half of people believe they could earn over €39,000 working as an influencer

That's according to a survey by Pure Telecom

Two thirds of people have bought a product inspired by an influencer in the past year.

A new survey from Pure Telecom found that half of people believe they could earn over €39,000 per year working as an influencer.

In the UK, 42,700 followers is believed to be enough to earn the average living wage.

Pure Telecom Company CEO Paul Connell says there’s a massive part of the Irish population following some kind of influencer noting “You look at Ireland and you look at the between the GAA, the rugby, the FAI, they have nearly a quarter of the population as followers, and you kinda think anything that they’re going to promote sways a certain amount of following in Ireland”.

He adds that influencers are very creative in planning their content saying “My daughter said to my wife earlier you know what Mum, forget about Christmas shopping there’s a few influencers, just copy what they do for Christmas & you’ll have Christmas sorted, maybe I don’t understand but certainly influencers in Ireland and influences throughout the world rule the roost”.