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“How long do you have to wait for something to come into operation?” That’s the question one South Kilkenny Councillor’s posing

Fidelis Doherty is looking for an update on Glenmore's bus stop

The people of South Kilkenny are “back to square one” in waiting for a bus stop, so says one local councillor.

Fidelis Doherty raised the issue at this month’s meeting of Piltown Municipal District.

She claims that residents in Glenmore should have had a fully operational bus route by 2014.

The Fine Gael representative says the local authority’s plan to carry out a feasibility study on the project is not enough noting “The feasibility study would be the very early stages of a process so what does that really mean? Are we back to square one and really what’s going to happen with that very fine facility that’s there? You know, quite a substantial bit of money spent on it, you have the actual bus stop there, it’s tarmaced, everything is there it would seem that would meet the criteria to be in operation”.

Cllr Doherty claims the “fine facility” is lying idle, despite the council’s promises that it would be in operation some time ago saying “At this stage for something that was to be in operation by May of 2014 this is now November 2020, it’s quite gone beyond the point of just waiting & waiting, how long do you have to wait for something to come into operation?”.

She adds that many local residents are in desperate need of a bus service commenting “Just really the concern is that the bus stop is there, it looks like a very fine facility, the big thing is that we’re encouraged to have use of public transport, you have students going into Waterford and people that don’t drive, there’s still a share of people that don’t drive and dependent on public transport and it’s not working, and there would be a lot of buses passing through on their way to Wexford or on their way to Enniscorthy that come to Waterford and make their way on, so just looking for the bus stop to be open & just looking for a definitive answer”.