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“Infection level is far, far too high” says Chief Medical Officer

Carlow now has country's seventh-highest incidence rate while Kilkenny's in 14th position

60 more people with Covid19 have died and 3,231 new cases have been confirmed.

Of these 47 are in Carlow with 40 positive tests returned in Kilkenny. But there’s worse news for our near neighbours with 155 new cases in Waterford, 136 in Wexford, 90 in Kildare, 61 in Tipperary and 48 in Laois.


1,854 coronavirus patients are being treated for the virus in hospital, of which 191 are in ICU and 119 more people have been brought to hospital in the past 24 hours. Numbers for St Luke’s today won’t be published until after the final check at 8pm, but as of Friday night 30 people there had Covid19 including three new admissions, with one further suspected case.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan says the improvements in cases isn’t happening fast enough and the infection level is far, far too high.

Incidence Rate

The latest figures, out this evening, show that Carlow now has the country’s seventh-highest 14-day incidence rate at 1723.1 per 100,000, while Kilkenny’s stands at 1191.1. The nation’s overall is 1530.2.