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Irish Water considering restrictions again on Kilkenny scheme

The supply serving Bennettsbridge is under severe pressure

Two thousand people living in the wider Bennettsbridge area could be looking at night-time restrictions on their water supply again.

Irish Water has been working to tackle shortages in supply as it continues to identify leaks across the system.

It’s had to use a private contractor to effectively ‘top-up’ the local supply at one of the reservoirs and people living in the area are being urged to conserve water where at all possible.

James O’Toole from Irish Water told KCLR Live today that introducing restrictions is not something they want to do but says they are “monitoring the situation very closely and we’re not ruling out the possibility of having to impose night-time restrictions again, unfortunately”

He also said that significant money and resources are being put into addressing the issues on that scheme but admitted that resolving them all will be costly:

“Ultimately it will take tens of millions of euro to find a new source and bring that online to provide a safe, secure and sustainable supply of water for all of our customers”

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