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Irish Water is deferring charging homeowners for using too much water

The organisation is working with the government & Commission for the Regulation of Utilities

Charges on homeowners for using too much water have been deferred yet again.

Letters warning people their water usage was excessive were due to be issued this year, with charges following next year, before the date was changed to 2022.

But now Irish Water says it’s still working with the government and the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities, and no date has been agreed.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith says excess charges should never be introduced noting “The government know that would be hugely unpopular to impose that at this particular time when people’s incomes are reduced and when they’re struggling, the stats show, we certainly found this out when we had the special commission on water in the Oireachtas, there’s a very small minority of people who waste water to the degree the imagination tells you or that Irish Water have claimed in the past”.

She adds the focus should be on improving the water infrastructure, saying “We on average use less water than people in Britain and our counterparts in Europe and waste water is a shocking thing and it’s a shame but the bulk of waste water is through a lack of repair”.


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