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Italian chef who visited Kilkenny recently warns locals to take Coronavirus measures seriously

Rasmus Lund Johannson is from one of the worst affected parts of northern Italy, Brescia in Lombardy

An Italian chef who recently visited Kilkenny is warning local to take the Coronavirus measures seriously because things could quickly get a lot worse here.

Rasmus Lund Johannson recently ran a pop-up restaurant night with the team from Aran in Kilkenny city.

He’s in complete lockdown now in one of the worst affected parts of northern Italy – in Brescia in Lombardy.

Ramus says his town has been hit by so many Covid-19 deaths that they are struggling to deal with the bodies.

He told KCLR News “There’s not a lot of room for the bodies so now they’re stacking them in the churches, people are dying in numbers”.

“We had our worst day yesterday, but it keeps getting worse and worse, it hasn’t been good at any point and it hasn’t started going down”.

“We had four hundred people dying yesterday, right now the town that I’m in where I live, that is the worst town in the world, this is the town that people are dying most frequently”.

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