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It’s Black Friday, Amber Friday plus Black and Amber Friday today

The date's being used for a variety of causes

It’s Black Friday and all around us and discount signs are calling us to buy.

The American tradition moved across the pond to Europe and availing of what appears to be a greatly reduced price can be tempting for many, especially in the current cost-of-living crisis.

But is it for everyone? KCLR News has asked a mix of retailers and customers:

Black and Amber Friday

The Mayor of Kilkenny City is asking you to make today a Black & Amber Friday.

Cllr David FitzGerald is urging locals to support Kilkenny businesses and to think about the local economy and the benefits of shopping local at the start of the busy shopping season.

This weekend will also see the launch of  Kilkenny’s Yulefest, particularly the Christmas Market where there will be local artisans and crafts as well as family entertainment which will provide for a truly festive experience, right in the heart of Kilkenny City.

Cllr FitzGerald said ‘’ As Mayor of Kilkenny I’m urging you to make this Friday a Black and Amber Friday by shopping on your own doorstep, by shopping local, by supporting local business, by supporting local jobs. Kilkenny is a wonderful place to visit, our city centre is alive and thriving and this Friday is your opportunity to make sure Kilkenny has a wonderful Black and Amber Friday.’’

Amber Friday

Today is also Amber Friday to help mark the start of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and you’re being asked to support local businesses who are then in turn supporting Amber Women’s Refuge in the city.

More than a dozen local shops are supporting a fundraising campaign today with donation boxes for customers to contribute to the worthy cause.

Anne Barber from the Butterslip on Rose Inn Street explains why they came up with this idea; “The last number of years on Black Friday we’ve raised money in the shop for different charities, just put a more positive spin on Black Friday is what I really wanted to do, last year we chose Amber and that’s what started the conversation between Naoimh and myself and we started talking about how we could push this out further, make it a bigger thing, get more people involved and to really get local businesses supporting local causes to help local people”.

She explains how it works; “Businesses that are involved this year will each have a donation unit on their counter, the business themselves can then choose to do whatever they need, we’re going to be, The Butterslip will be donating 20% of our sales on the day to Amber”.

And she says; “Everybody loves a sneaky bargain and that’s great but if it’s three quid or a fiver and if that’s a coffee and a cake to you I think maybe if we put all those coffee and cakes together that would be so much more meaningful for a service like Amber so that’s what we’re trying to do and you know it’s at everybody’s discretion but we’re here to facilitate that”.