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“It’s the most significant moment” says local Bishop as Carlow and Kilkenny enter Easter

We'll have three of the masses live on KCLR

We’re entering the most significant time of year for those of Catholic faith and plans are underway to ensure Easter can be marked locally.

In line with Covid restrictions, the usual crowds cannot attend masses physically, but there are a number of ways to be part of ceremonies.

Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Denis Nulty, is also the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Ossory.

He says while many look to Christmas as being a highlight, Easter is of more importance for Christians and outlines how the next few days will go, noting “We’re delighted that once again KCLR very kindly will be broadcasting ceremonies throughout Holy Week; Holy Thursday from Askea Parish here in Carlow at 7 o’clock, Good Friday from St Mary’s Cathedral Kilkenny at 3 o’clock The Solemn Liturgy, and Easter Sunday from the KCLR studio at 9:30 in the morning, really looking forward to those ceremonies, there will be ceremonies in local parishes broadcast, many of them on webcams and Facebook lives and also through local parish radio”.

Bishop Nulty also says the important thing is priests and parish teams are reaching out as best they can; “We’re all disappointed not to have gatherings for Holy Week and Easter but we also have to do our very best, we’re living alongside a very virulent virus and we must do our best to try to be patient, to try to make this little sacrifice knowing that, please God, in a few months time we’ll be in a much better space in our country and I think Holy Week and Easter reminds us there’s a journey we’re on, a journey to a new beginning, new life and new resurrection”.

And, after An Taoiseach Micheál Martin referenced Easter in his speech on Tuesday, calling it a time for reflection and renewal, Bishop Nulty agrees saying “For us as people of faith it’s the most significant moment as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Christ and I think it’s important that we reflect on our faith, we reflect on where we are going as a society but more importantly on where we are in relation to our God and maker and this is a lovely time to do just that and do it in a very nice way by linking into our local parish, our diocese in whatever way we can”.