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It’s time to see beyond the disabilities say L’Arche which has two communities in Kilkenny

It’s time to see beyond the disabilities – that’s the message from L’Arche, which is an international group with two communities in Kilkenny – one in Callan and one in Kilmoganny.

They’ve launched their Christmas campaign ‘See the World Through L’Arche Eyes’ today, to coincide with International Day for People with Disabilities.

Diana Walsh is the fundraising and outreach coordinator with L’Arche based in Kilkenny and she says she wants other people to be able to see them as she does.

She had this to say “Because of the privilege that we have of living with people with disabilities we have changed our perspective & we see the whole of the person not only the disability but not everybody does that. So the whole point of the Christmas campaign is to invite people to do exactly that: to see beyond disability. And how do you fix your eye problems when you’re short sighted? You fix them with glasses & that’s exactly what we’ve done, we’ve designed two pairs of glasses as a symbolic invitation for people to look at disabilities”.