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WATCH: James Corden and David Beckham spoof underwear promo

James Corden’s stripped down to his undies on the latest edition of the Late Late Show in the US.

He persuaded his friend David Beckham (sure aren’t all celebrity types friends these days) to take his clothes off too for a sketch mocking the former footballers racy underwear ads.

The former England captain’s famous for his highly-toned physique, but some say on this occasion he was upstaged by the slightly fuller-figured TV host.

If you’re completely new to the phenom that is James Corden, do yourself a favour and tuck into the BBC series Gavin & Stacey on Netflix. As a supporting character he’s pure comic gold and fair play to him, he’s starting to give Jimmy Fallon a run for his money in terms of the celebrity video stakes.

Somehow I don’t think D&J Briefs are going to be popping up in Penney’s any time soon…

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