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July was the hottest month on record across the globe – ever!

July was the hottest month on record across the globe.

Data released by the European Union’s satellite-based Earth observation network shows that the 31 day spread was 0.04 degrees warmer than the previous record-hot month of July 2016.

Geographer Adrian Kavanagh has been telling KCLR that the science is getting more accurate & we’ve reached a point in time when you just can’t say humans aren’t affecting climate change.

He says “At the moment the problem is that the parts of the world most affected are probably the parts of the developing world, particularly parts of Africa, parts of Asia and of course you’ve a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean which basically won’t exist anymore in a couple of decades if present trends continue”.

Mr Kavanagh believes Ireland could be impacted too noting “Cities like Cork, parts of Dublin could be flooded unless remedial action is taken over the next 30/40 years if the current trends continue”.

He adds “I think we do need to take action, there’s a tendency in Ireland I think to expect other people so for instance some would say it’s all the farmers fault, others will say it’s the fault of the commuters but I think action needs to be taken by every sector of society”.