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Latest JNLR results “fantastically positive” as KCLR listenership sees significant growth in Carlow Kilkenny

The latest round of the Joint National Listenership Research (JNLR) figures are out, and it’s a great report for KCLR.

KCLR’s listenership in Carlow Kilkenny continues to grow with the latest quarterly JNLR figures being described by chief executive John Purcell as “fantastically positive”, with growth being recorded across every key listenership measurement.

The survey, which covers the 12 months to the end of June 2019, shows that the station has 75,000 listeners every week – the highest level recorded in recent years.

Significant growth has also been recorded in weekday and weekend levels of listenership as well as in market share.

Radio continues to dominate Irish listening

Listenership figures released today show that Irish radio stations – KCLR included – consistently deliver audiences of millions to advertisers and brands.

Radio continues to be the audio medium of choice for people in Ireland with a massive 85% share of the audio market in Ireland.

This compares with 7.8% own music, 5.6% Spotify and 1.1% podcasts.

For Ireland, we ‘Choose Radio’

Bolstering the latest research figures, Irish adults are still consuming more than four hours of radio a day on average.

Here’s the facts…

1. 82% of people in Ireland listened to the radio yesterday.

2. On average, they spend more than 4 hours with radio every day.

3. When it comes to any audio listening in Ireland, live radio rules with 85%. This compares to 7.8% of owned music, 1.1% to podcasts and 5.6% to Spotify.

4. Radio also dominates when compared with other media –53% of all adults in Ireland used Social Media yesterday and just 29% read a national newspaper last week.

5. 311,000 people in Ireland listened to radio via a radio station App and 58,000 listened via the Irish Radioplayer in the last seven days.

6. Irish radio’s strong on-air performance is complemented across its digital platforms with over 10.8 million social connections.