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KCLR Live: Friday 18th September 2020 (Full Show)

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Today, the show was live from the Woodford Dolmen Hotel in Carlow for #tasteincarlow.

We spoke to many people including Colin Duggan, the general manager of the Woodford Dolmen and Head Chef Laurence Richards.

We were joined by Maria Couchman, Economic Development Officer with Carlow LEO about the food and drink strategy.

David Cowan from the Lazy River Cafe was in too as was Brian O’Gorman from the Neighbourhood Espresso Café, Barrack Street.

We were joined too by Ross Byrne from Lennon’s and local businessman Willie Rath from Teach Dolmen.

Alan O’Reilly from Carlow Weather was in to tell us how cold it was going to get and we spoke to Michelle from Bake Cafe.