Kilkenny and Carlow to be first for new 1Gb broadband

Kilkenny and Carlow are set to be in a battleground for new super-fast broadband customers

Eircom have announced that Kilkenny City will be in the first three spots to get a new 1Gigabit service.

Carlow will be included in the next phase of 63 towns to get the new fibre-optic network into homes and business.

This kind of speed is ten times faster than Eircom are offering now and 5-times faster than UPC.

It’ll mean you can download a full HD movie in less than a minute.

ESB and Vodafone are also targeting Carlow and Kilkenny for their new joint-project offering similar speeds.

Eircom’s Paul Bradley says the cost of the new service hasn’t been set yet.

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