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Upgrade on Kilkenny Playground to Begin Today

The playground has been closed since late March and is to be finished by the end of the week

Monday 24th June

Works to finish an upgrade to Kilkenny Castle’s playground are due to begin today.

The OPW has told KCLR that they don’t have an exact date for the re-opening but they need just three days to finish the work.

An estimated 100,000 euro is being spent on the playground’s upgrade.

They’re replacing the rubber surfaces, and installing new equipment including a roundabout for wheelchairs and a sensory wall for children with special needs.

The OPW hoped it would be open by now but weather has hampered them.

The amenity has been closed since the 27th of March, much to the disappointment of local parents and children.

However, if there is good weather for the week following the works should be completed.