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Kilkenny City walkway set for an upgrade

Kilkenny City’s Lacken Walk looks set to get a makeover.

Active Travel Fund plans will see the walkway itself widened, but there’s concern that for this to happen a number of trees will need to be removed.

Cllr Joe Malone initially objected to this at the recent Municipal District meeting, but the FF representative’s since told KCLR News “I just asked the question to the senior engineer, Ian Gardner, reference those trees, and he assures me that they will be replaced, they’re going to take out very few of them if they can but they also have to extend the walkway so if they do take out trees they will replace them near enough to where they were”

He adds “So hopefully now in the next few months this will start, we’ve got funding from national government and the money is there now and the county council will send out a design team now and it’ll come back to the council then, the municipal district, and we’ll make a decision on it so hopefully now in the near future this will take place”.