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Kilkenny College crowned Battery Recycling Champions

They were gifted a €2,000 for their efforts

A local secondary school has received national recongition for its commitment to sustainabilty.

Kilkenny College students were crowned Battery Recycling Champions for their exceptional efforts in collecting the equivalent to more than 160,000 used AA batteries for recycling during the last school year.

WEEE Ireland’s awarded them with a €2,000 sports voucher.

Teacher Philip Ryan told KCLR News how they got involved in the initiative; “I had just heard about the WEEE Ireland battery recycling competition, I think it came in on one of my notifications and I went to school, I mentioned it to the class and immediately they, the junior science class in particular, showed good interest, in science the subject specs have changed over the years and they all reflect changes and we have to practise what we preach, we’re teaching about sustainability every day and I just thought this was a good initiative to get behind”.