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Kilkenny Councillor calling for archaeological investigation into proposed site of mosque

Plans for a mosque in Kilkenny City are to be the subject of a meeting this evening.

It’s been organised by Deputy John McGuinness and Councillor Andrew McGuinness who say it’s just to allow people to hear exactly what the proposals are for the site in the Hebron Industrial Estate.

The project’s architect will be there to answer questions.

However, another local councillor says he now thinks a full archaeological excavation of the site has to be carried out first.

David Fitzgerald says he thinks it could be over part of a famine graveyard.

Meanwhile, the author of a report for Kilkenny County Council into the famine graveyards of Kilkenny a number of years ago says, from what he understands, it would be close to one but not on one.

Jonny Geber has told KCLR News that the area right at the corner of O’Loughlin Road and the Hebron Road was used to bury bodies and some of those were found during the 1960s.

He says it used to be a sandpit which was marked on the old ordnance survey map of 1837-42 pictured here:

However, that area is in front of the proposed development area of the mosque.