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Kilkenny councillor calls for spend to be local in this week’s Black (and Amber) Friday

He's also paying tribute to supermarket workers

With one of the biggest online selling dates of the year on the way, one Kilkenny councillor’s asking that you keep it local.

David Fitzgerald’s appealing for people to mark Black – and Amber – Friday by choosing local outlets and their websites instead of buying in from elsewhere.

With over 2,000 people working in retail in the city & county Cllr Fitzgerald in his special video appeal online says “I’m here in the heart of Kilkenny City centre and I’m asking you to support local, don’t buy your goods on Amazon, get on your local website for all your local retailers, their front doors may be closed at the moment but in reality they’re working behind the scenes, they’ve got Instagram accounts, they’ve got Facebook pages, they’re on your social media, but even if you can’t find all those contacts they still have a phone line, pick up the phone and ask your local retailer”.

He also pays tribute to those who’ve stayed working at checkouts, noting “I want to say a big shout-out to our frontline workers who are working in our supermarkets who have served us through two lockdowns and have made sure that we’ve all been fed, well done to all of those and with your spending power you will help all of us get through Covid-19 and see us through Christmas 2020 and into 2021 and hopefully we’ll see better times again”.