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Kilkenny Councillor is expressing shock at sacking of Barry Cowen

Councillor Peter Chap Cleere says it can't have been an easy decision for Taoiseach Michael Martin

A local Fianna Fail councillor is expressing shock at the sacking of Barry Cowen as Agriculture Minister.

He was let go last night by Taoiseach Michael Martin, after he refused to provide further public statements on allegations he attempted to avoid a Garda checkpoint in 2016.

Offaly TD Cowen admitted he was caught drink driving, but strongly denies trying to evade Gardaí.

Kilkenny Councillor Peter Chap Cleere says the sacking can’t have been an easy decision for the Taoiseach:

“What he did in terms of drink driving, there’s no condoning it. He put his hands up and served his punishment, and rightly so” he told KCLR Live. “But I would imagine that would have been an incredibly difficult decision for Michael Martin to make. And I suppose it’s a very tough time for Barry Cowen and his family in what should have been a very special thing being nominated as Minister, and for it to have lasted for such a short space of time.”