Kilkenny Councillor says public transport would help solve parking issues at St Lukes Hospital

A local councillor says the parking situation at St Lukes hospital is ridiculous.

Callers to KCLR earlier described how they had been clamped at a release cost of 100 euro when they couldn’t find a space in the car park.

Councillor Malcolm Noonan says its time that management addressed the problems there.

And he says providing public transport would alleviate the situation.


Meanwhile a statement has been issued by the HSE and reads as follows:

Any person who is clamped and wishes to contest the clamping must
contact the service provider APCOA Ltd. (and not St Lukes Hospital) and
appeal the decision with them.

Administration in St Lukes Hospital  do not refund clamping costs to any individual.  Refunds of clamping release fees are a matter for APCOA.

The hospital has its own parking guidelines for everyone’s benefit.
Those who use the hospital are obliged to comply and park in recognised parking bays.

Unfortunately, non compliance with guidelines may result in clamping.