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Kilkenny Councillor warns that a road in Callan’s at risk of becoming a race track

Cllr Matt Doran's raised concerns for residents

A local councillor is warning that one road in Callan is at risk of becoming a “race track”.

It was recommended at Wednesday’s meeting of Callan Thomastown Municipal District that the one-way system at Flaggy Lane should be reversed.

Cllr Matt Doran has raised concerns about the measure, claiming it may lead to an influx of traffic.

The Fianna Fáíl councillor says he’s hopeful that the issue will be taken into consideration by the local authority noting “The consultants would say that this could benefit the traffic flow from schools where they come out, come down and up Flaggy Lane and out onto the bypass and in theory it works okay, just to take consideration of those residents, a number of them who live along there and have lived there all their lives, that it doesn’t become a racetrack for motorists but they have assured us that there will be traffic calming put in there that will restrict that and we wait to see those plans on it”.

Cllr Doran is calling for council engineers to keep in mind the residents along the road saying “The experts, and they are experts in their field of traffic management plan, they would think this may work quite well and enhance what has been there for the last number of weeks but my concern was for those living along there that they would also be protected and that they won’t be in any way endangered, I suppose really the flow of traffic will come at school times and in particular as they exit onto the bypass, but look it could work once the constraints are there”.

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