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Kilkenny Councillors to consider increasing Local Property Tax for next year

Elected members in Kilkenny are to discuss a possible change to the Local Property Tax rate.

Councillors will sit down before the end of September to decide whether or not to put the basic rates up or down by 15%.

As it stands the charge is €90 a year for houses worth up to €100,000; houses worth between €100,000 and €150,000 pay €225; while €315 is paid on homes valued between €150,000 & €200,000.

Written submissions on the impact any changes to those rates might have can be made by the public by August 20th.

Martin Prendiville is the council’s Head of Finance and says this is the start of the budget process and could yield a significant amount of money if amended upwards.

It would mean an extra €1.1 million a year on top of the €7.5 million being collected at the moment.