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Kilkenny ‘Do It for Dan’ fundraising committee left devastated

Their money won't get Dan his treatment

A local member of the ‘Do It For Dan’ fundraising committee says they’re devastated that all the money they raised won’t get Dan his life-saving treatment.

Dan Donoher is a young Laois boy who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which causes wastage of the muscles.

Three million euro was raised to help him, but because of a viral infection he can’t be given the drug that would treat his condition.

His family is now donating a million euro to help save the life of a County Meath girl with the same disease.

But local fundraiser Paul Dargan says they were all crushed that Dan can’t be treated; “Everyone of us [that] was involved on the fundraising at various levels, all of our hearts just sank at this news” he shared on KCLR Live. “Nobody knew how well this campaign would do or that it was going to bring so many people together, of so many ages from all over the world.