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Kilkenny forecaster says evidence of climate change undeniable this year

A local weather expert says the increasing evidence of climate change has been undeniable this year.

Niall Dollard from Kilkenny Weather has been reacting to a number of reports published this week highlight the increasing effects of global warming from the EPA and Met Eireann as well as the UN.

Niall been telling KCLR that this year has been ” a real eye-opener” with an increasing number of extreme weather events happen all over the world.

He said “it’s all very much in line with what has been predicted all along that we’re putting far more co2 into the atmosphere and it’s heating up the planet”

“Already there has been a temperature of 48.8 in Sicily. It’s a provisional record so it will be checked out by the world meteorological organisation and they will clarify whether that’s a bona fide value. But at the moment that looks like it’s a new European record 48.8 degrees”.

Listen to his chat with our Edward Hayden on The Way It Is here:

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