Kilkenny Gardaí are appealing for locals to report crimes before posting evidence on social media

Kilkenny Garda Superintendent Derek Hughes is appealing to people to contact the Gardaí when they witness a crime before putting it on social media.

He was speaking at a joint policing committee meeting where he told the gathering that they only became aware of a recent serious assault on Kieran Street through a video shared on Facebook.

Three youths were arrested as part of their investigations but Superintendent Hughes says they can act on it quicker once they’re contacted:

“We became aware of that because it was circulating on social media and a staff member brought it to my attention and it had happened a while ago at that stage. Nobody had contacted Gardaí when it happened.

“It puts us in a far better position if we hear about it when it’s happening and it enables us to deliver the effective policing response that a situation might necessitate.

“So I would encourage anyone who witnesses any public disorder on the streets of Kilkenny to contact An Garda Síochána immediately.”