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Kilkenny girl Isabelle needs your support to help the homeless

The generous 8 year old has raised €350 for local charity so far

A young Kilkenny girl is intent on making 2021 a better year for others.

Isabelle Grinsell from Castlecomer has decided to raise money for local charity ”Kilkenny helping the homeless” through her GoFundMe page.

“One time we went to Waterford, last Christmas, and we saw two homeless people. I was really sad because they didn’t have any homes” she told KCLR News. “I thought about that when I was in school, and then I thought ‘so why can’t I help them?'”

The 8-year-old, a student of Castlecomer Presentation Primary School, is delighted with the €350 she’s gathered so far, but she hopes to raise even more for those in need.

You can help support Isabelle by donating here.