Interview: Kilkenny Gospel Choir Festival on The Arts Show

Arts Show #20: August 28 2012 Kilkenny Gospel Choir Festival

The inaugural International Kilkenny Gospel Choir Festival takes place this coming weekend in Kilkenny, with a number of choirs set to arrive in Kilkenny to participate in gospel workshops with Dr. Eddie Jones, Grayson Warren Brown, Adrian Fro Johnson and Don Mescall, all culminating in a gala performance at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city on Sunday evening at 7.30pm.

One of the festival team and long serving member of the Kilkenny Gospel Choir, Larry Carroll, joined me in studio along with Adrian ‘Fro’ Johnson who has been flown in for the festival this weekend.

Take a listen below.

[wp_media media=”audio” title=”Kilkenny Gospel Choir Festival” artist=”The Arts Show” caption=”In conversation with Larry Carroll and Adrian Fro Johnson on August 28 2012.” volume=0.8 urls=”″]