Cllr proposes Kilkenny ‘land grab’ for Tramore

Boundary war with Waterford escalates

A Kilkenny Councillor says she’d like to start proceedings to ‘annex’ Tramore.

It’s in response to a Green Party Cllr in Waterford, Jody Power, who is bringing forward a motion before the local authority there to resurrect plans to expand the county’s boundaries into South Kilkenny.

Kilkenny Green Cllr Maria Dollard says she’s 100% against the move and she wasn’t consulted about the issue by her party colleague.

Cllr Dollard’s told KCLR that the best response might be to bring a motion before Kilkenny County Council to start proceedings to take over the Waterford town of Tramore – so that Kilkenny people can have a beach.

She’s joked on The Way It Is: “I was thinking that I could maybe put my own motion down for Kilkenny County Council that we also would like to extend our border down to Tramore because I think the people of Kilkenny would like a beach because it’s the one thing we don’t have is a beach. Maybe I’ll do a counter motion from our point of view”