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Kilkenny martial artist warns against keeping lethal blades as decor

It follows the arrest of a 21 year old man this week

A Kilkenny martial artist is warning against keeping dangerous weapons for decoration.

A 21 year old man was arrested in the city this week, when GardaĆ­ discovered a Chinese sword (initially thought to be a Samurai sword) on his person

The man had been acting suspiciously with the blade in Newpark Fen when he was detained.

Larry Mc Enroe is with Dragon’s Lair Martial Arts School in Hebron.

He says many people buy weapons on holiday without knowing how lethal they are:

“A lot of the time they’re actually blunt. But what you need to know about some, like katanas, is that they have either a live blade or dead blade” he told KCLR Live. “A live blade is absolutely lethal and would have no trouble chopping your arm off in one go, through bone and all. A lot of the ones they sell abroad on the promenades are hand-sharpened. They’re still lethally dangerous, and have no place in society, never mind out on the street. But unfortunately people do bring them for decorative displays on top of mantelpieces.”

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