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Kilkenny Mayor calls on Minister to help with funding to complete ring road

Kilkenny’s Mayor has called on the Housing Minister to follow up on the completion of the ring road around the city.

Minister Darragh O’Brien visited yesterday to open a number of housing developments as well as the new route through the Breagagh Valley in the Western Environs.

The road which opened recently links the Callan, Circular and Kilmanagh roads and paves the way for 3 thousand or so new homes and three schools that are due to be built there.

Mayor Andrew McGuinness believes more houses could be provided in the county if one other key piece of infrastructure could be finished.


“If we opened up, completed the ring road, it would solve so many problems for us. It would open up so much more land, so many more opportunities to create housing for people as well as the obvious benefits of having a complete ring road and the great economic activity that would create in Kilkenny city alone and the traffic problems it would fix”

Mayor Andrew McGuinness spoke with the Housing Minister on his visit to Kilkenny on Thursday

And he called on Darragh O’Brien to bring a message back to Cabinet:

“I think it was important to take the opportunity yesterday to¬† ask the Minister to bring that message back to cabinet and to work with Kilkenny county council to try and help us to complete the ring road and to get the funding to complete the ring road”