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Kilkenny ruled out as base for new Students’ Union for Technological University for the South East

The county's been feeling a little left out with a TUSE presence due in rest of the region

The new Students’ Union for the Technological University for the South East will not be in Kilkenny.

The city had been mooted for the base for the combined unions of Carlow IT and IT Waterford when they merge under TUSE status but that suggestion has now been quashed.

President of Carlow IT Students’ Union Thomas Drury on KCLR Live earlier didn’t rule out some sort of presence in Kilkenny, but said it wouldn’t be an SU HQ.

He said “No, there definitely won’t be a Student Union headquarters in Kilkenny, that wouldn’t be good for the students of the campuses because the students are mainly going to be based on campuses in Carlow, Waterford, Wexford and Wicklow so it would make no sense to have a headquarters in Kilkenny”.

He added “I have heard rumours of maybe management having a building there, senior management being in Kilkenny, that’s a possibility, but the Students Union definitely won’t be, no”.

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